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Back to report my latest findings in what is happening in the world of colors and trends! Specifically as it relates to the interior design field. I recently returned from the  Design And Decoration Building in NYC where Stacy Gracia presented her concepts of macro trends and color within those trends that we may see in the upcoming years of 2013 and 2014.

The macro trends are:

Pattern on Pattern ie rooms being designed with the use of one pattern used everywhere on the walls, furniture and draperies. Think Dorothy Draper

Embellished items ie the return to craftmanship, luxury, laces, embroidery, damask, feathers, tufting and  a return to traditional interior design

Painted This is a look the evokes an artists work done by hand, brush strokes, unfinished beauty, decay,glazing, layering

Graphic The graphic trend is about bold use of color, color blocking in furniture. It is a happy trend

The color trends are:

Spicy This is a globally influenced palette that includes curry, paprika, poppy seed. Look for a shift in reds. Oranges are influenced by Coral while Oxblood becomes a rich anchor.

Off Black Black is veiled with color this season. Look for a deep forest green not like the one of old. This is a blackened forest green, also blackberry and night sky. These colors evoke a sense of mystery and are luxurious when mixed with embellished details.

Pastel The new pastels are dusted, powdered, waxy. They look great with neutrals. Adding black or deeper colors help to anchor the palette.

Optimistic This is what we have been seeing. Color is back as we yearn to surround ourselves with good feelings. The color ranges from hyper neons to saturated jewel tones. They look spectacular combined together.

How Do these trends affect the colors we will use in 2013 and 2014?

Light neutrals Oatmeal and flesh tones (which is like a rosy pink mixed with taupe. )Chunky knits are very important

Browns Are now surpassing grey. We are seeing camel, caramel, chocolate, the luxury of expresso.

Reds Oranges As orange remains popular ,we are seeing coral come back in style along with the color of ripe melons. Reds are making their presence known via the gorgeous scarlet reds and oxblood

Purple Lilac , think a chalky lilac combined with brown or grey. Blackberry

Blue The new blue is a water blue more of a demin blue. Indigo and navy remain strong

Greens Army green was mentioned, forest green ( the new blackened forest green) and the newest green is a sea green which is luminescent color comprised of blue and green

Yellows The yellow we are seeing is an ochre color.

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Jo Ann Alston, Allied ASID,CID